Here at Ultra Carbon Cleaning in Birmingham we pride our self on giving our customers a first class engine clean, all are carbon cleaning machines are manufactured and Designed in the UK and our Ultra Carbon Cleaning service uses the latest technology in hydrogen production to help remove that stubborn carbon build-up from inside of your engine, with no dismantling of parts or the use of hazardous chemicals. It’s fast, safe and totally Eco-friendly.

Ultra carbon cleaning allows the engine to ‘breathe’ more easily and it gets back the power what you’ve lost over time.


  • Performance Restored

  • Power Restored

  • Emissions Lowered

  • Rejuvenate Fuel Efficiency

  • Avoid Costly Repair Bills

Power Restored

Removing carbon from the engine will allow for restored power and a smoother performance, as well as a quieter engine.

Rejuviated Fuel Efficiency

Carbon build-up in the engine can dramatically reduce a car’s fuel efficiency. The service will help to remove carbon build-up and thereby revitalise fuel efficiency. Most customers experience an improvement in MPG or L/KM and lower fuel bills.

Emissions Lowered

The Ultra Carbon Cleaning service significantly reduces harmful emissions and can also help to achieve emission test levels.

Avoid Costly Repair Bills

Carbon build-up leads to potentially expensive issues with engine parts such as EGR valves, DPFs, turbos, inlet manifold and injectors. These may all be helped by the service if due to carbonisation, and then prevented from recurring through regular cleaning.

Where can you find the Engine Carbon Clean service?

Ultra Carbon Cleaning is available as a *MOBILE SERVICE when available across Birmingham and the West Midlands. You can also bring your vehicle to us at our garage in Birmingham.